Get Prepared for the Barn: Riding Lesson Program Starter Kit

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Riding Lesson Starter Kit: Get your beginner equestrian apparel.

Equestrian gear isn’t just for looks – riders wear the right clothes and equipment to stay safe, comfortable, and effective. 

Equestrian sports are like any other sport: we have a uniform of sorts. That uniform's individual elements each have a purpose... And because of the unique nature of horse riding, durability and safety are big considerations when choosing your gear.

If you’ve got a young rider starting lessons, you don’t need everything. But there are a few essentials that will help both rider and instructor:  

A Schooler Helmet

For the beginner rider who is learning the basics and in the saddle once a week – and at slower speeds – a schooler helmet is sufficient protection. Most riding schools will offer helmets, but it will always be the safest option to make sure you get your headgear sized specifically to your own head. 

We recommend the Ovation helmets:

  • The Ovation helmet has an easy-adjust dial for the perfect fit, high-flow air vents to keep you cool, and a removable washable liner. It is certified to ASTM standards.

Paddock Boots

Paddock boots have a low heel to keep your foot safely and securely in the stirrup iron. They will also protect your toes from getting accidentally stepped on. 

We recommend the Equistar boots:

  • We recommend the Equistar paddock boots. These zip-up boots are synthetic for easy care and cleaning. They also have a super-comfortable sole lining. 

Riding Tights & Breeches

Breeches and riding tights aren’t worn just for the aesthetics. They’re designed to give you a full range of motion while being sturdy enough to last through some wear and tear. Most breeches and tights will have some sort of knee patch or full-seat coverage with a grippier material to help with feeling secure in the saddle. 

We recommend the Irideon and Kerrits tights: 

  • Kerrits Tights have Ice Fil® fabric that converts sweat into cooling energy – great for the summer! The stirrup straps are both adjustable and removable. 
  • Irideon Tights have elastic at the ankles and muscle-supporting stretch panels to keep everything in place without constant adjusting.
  • The Irideon Cargo Tights have all that, plus pockets! 

The In-Store Equiventure Lesson Starter Kit Bundle

If one of each type of item is purchased at the same time – schooler helmet, riding tights, and paddock boots – you’ll get a 10% discount on the entire starter kit. 

We want to make sure you get the right fit for your clothing and safety gear, so the full discount is applied for in-store purchases. 

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