Original Premium Poultice 12#

Original Premium Poultice 12#

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Original Premium Poultice

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* Extra strength soothing and cooling formula with natural essential oils
* Easy on, easy off application
* See results in 24 hours
* Medicated

Original Premium Poultice – Relieves the pain and swelling of sore hooves. Excellent for severe cases of inflammation and swelling - pulls out heat, inflammation and soreness from horse's legs and feet. Results typically seen in 24 hrs. Rich, medicated poultice comes on and off smoothly. Excellent for sore, bruised feet from shoeing and racing. Also useful for packing. Contains aluminum silicate mixed with eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, methyl salicylate, glycerine and minerals. Wash legs with non-medicated soap before applying. Generously rub on and cover as desired; wash off after use.